Friday, 17 April 2020

How To Talk On WhatsApp With Stylish Fonts Best Way 2020

Hi today, in which post I will tell you the new trick of whatsapp.In this post of today, which I will tell you a trick of WhatsApp, you will get big work. You saw on WhatsApp when you chat with someone So the style of the font is simple. But in what post I will tell you in this post, the style of the font will get you stylish. Then whenever you talk with each other on WhatsApp, how did he do it Then you will find the style of font of WhatsApp very stylish.

I will tell you today, you have said that I wish I had known earlier that this will be useful for you. When you talk to someone in this way you will enjoy a lot.Anyway this thing should be in every phone. When you talk to someone inside WhatsApp, the style of the fund is simple. But if you talk in this way, then the style of the font of WhatsApp will get you stylish. The guy you talk to will say how you did it will become Iran, who did it like that.If you talk on WhatsApp in this way, you will enjoy chatting.Anyway, millions of people use this method.

How To Use?

This application will open in front of you as you open this application. After opening this application, open two settings in it.First you have to click on the select keyboard and activate it in your mobile. When this keyboard is activated in your mobile, only then it will come in your phone. Only then will your keyboard become active when you talk to someone, your The keyboard will be changed.You will see a lot of keyboards but you have not seen this keyboard.The name of this keyboard is fancy keyboard.This keyboard will be of great use to you and anyone you talk to will say WOW Amazing.

How can you talk stylish with this keyboard on whatsapp?

This keyboard will be activated when your phone.After that you can use this keyboard.In this, you get to see a lot of font style. So many you get to see the style of the font, will you be deserted . The best keyboard to use for words.Anyway, one million people have downloaded this application. And the fun of using this keyboard is our own.